Corolla NC Real Estate

Corolla NC has been transformed over the last 30 years from a sleepy hunting and fishing paradise into the most affluent resort community on the Outer Banks, and as you might guess Corolla real estate has transformed too. Average homes here cost considerably more than elsewhere in the Outer Banks real estate scene. Most of the development in Corolla is relatively new. The road to Corolla from the Currituck County line was private until 1984, thus all the Corolla real estate developments in that area were started after the mid 80s or early 90s. These later developments have a lower density and were thoughtfully laid out to accentuate the natural beauty. Also property values are high here on the promise of the mid-Currituck bridge being built. People have been talking about the need for and construction of this bridge for 20-plus years.

This town is home to a few of the most prestigious subdivisions on the Outer Banks. Pine Island on the south end of town is considered the Outer Banks’ real estate’s premier oceanfront subdivision for its large beautiful mansions along the seashore. Ocean Hill on the north end of town is a fabulous subdivision spread out over large tracts of land. Here it does not feel like one house is on top of another. The Corolla Light subdivision is located near the middle of town near the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. It is famous for its excellent amenities and well-run association.

Corolla’s chance of dramatic change increases as each hurdle is cleared for the new bridge construction. Environmental impact studies are still being completed, and the final okay must be given. Once complete the commute to a major metropolitan area and international airport will be less than an hour. When and if this happens, it will open up this area to a whole new level of desirability. Who knows for sure what Corolla NC will look like in 10 or 15 years, but it is likely to change more than any other area of the Outer Banks. Now is a great opportunity to purchase Corolla real estate before the area becomes even more desirable.

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