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The list of Corolla NC hotels includes four entries. No, we’re not kidding. Visitors who have never been to Corolla’s Outer Banks might assume, based on its reputation for being an upscale vacationers mecca, that there would be many fine Corolla hotels, all competing for the No. 1 slot. No again. That’s because the Corolla hotel is actually in the form of Corolla vacation rental homes. And there are thousands of these, and they do compete for the right to be called the most luxurious, best equipped, most appealing…which makes the renters very happy.

That said, because the two Corolla NC hotels (well, one, the Sanderling, is closer to Duck but is still located in that area between Duck and Corolla) are such exemplary options for those vacationers who don’t want to stay in a vacation rental home, and because the other two properties -- an inn and a bed and breakfast -- are high quality and lovely, Corolla still ranks near the top of great Outer Banks hotels selections. Three of these properties are oceanfront with miles and miles of open sand to walk and ocean to swim, and the other is located on the sound with its own breathtaking views

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As we said, if you were to rank all Outer Banks hotels and other accommodations, these Corolla NC hotels would certainly be in the Top 10. That should also tell you that, if you want to stay at one of these gems, you’d best get your reservations early. Consider that at least some of the 50,000 visitors per week that come to Corolla’s Outer Banks will want to arrive a day early or stay a day later than their vacation rental home reservation allows. So, snap snap.

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Inn At Corolla Light

Corolla, NC, Accommodation
1066 Ocean Trail, Corolla
(252) 453-3340
(800) 215-0772

Located on the sound side in the Corolla Light Resort, the Inn at Corolla Light is all about pampering its guests. Rooms are furnished with king- or queen-size beds and sleep from two to four people. Many rooms have kitchenettes, whirlpool tubs, fireplaces or sleeper sofas, and guests enjoy a complimentary breakfast each morning. The inn actually hovers over Currituck Sound, so the... read more

Located on the sound side in the Corolla Light Resort, the Inn at... read more