Events in Corolla, NC: Daytime

Information on COVID-19

With restrictions still in place limiting gatherings to no more than 10 people, you can imagine that a lot of the daytime (and nighttime) events in Corolla have had to either cancel or adapt. But we're all about adapting around here, given our history of hurricanes and flooding events that alter day-to-day life for periods of time. Some outdoor events where it's easy to social distance, such as fishing tournaments or driving on the beach to see the wild horses, are still a go. Others, such as concerts or festivals, have had to take a year off. Still, you'll see from the list below that there are still daytime events to take part in. This list will change regularly as we hear from local businesses and nonprofits as they firm up their summer plans. 


What used to be a tiny and quiet village is now known for playing host to a multitude of events in Corolla, NC. A couple of decades ago, visitors would have to drive from Corolla to Kitty Hawk just to find something to do aside from going to the beach. Now, however, people from the Duck, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head are making the drive to partake in popular Corolla activities. Events in Corolla, NC, center around sea and sound waters, beautiful blue skies, wild horses, local eateries and historic buildings rich in heritage that are certain to wrap you and your group up in a little pocket of Corolla’s culture. Since you’re on the Outer Banks, it’s important to take advantage of its signature winds and waves by signing up for recreation businesses’ Corolla, NC, events, such as surfing, windsailing and parasailing. Corolla is also known by many for its lovely selection of shops and restaurants. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for their additions to events in Corolla, NC. They occasionally host special dining events and chef-driven pop-up dinners or major retail events for the shopaholics.

Finding Events in Corolla, NC

Some daytime events in Corolla, NC, happen regularly, such as outdoor lunches while others happen once a week or may occur more sporadically. Corolla, NC, events offer fun to people of any age. Whalehead Wednesdays, for example, bring wine tastings as well as live music and cornhole tournaments to the estate’s picturesque grounds during the summer months. Local museums also contribute to the events on schedule too. Places, such as the Corolla Wild Horse Museum, are excellent to visit if you want to learn about local history, geography and culture, and their events are frequently interactive ways of bringing the information to life.

There are wonderful daytime events all over the Outer Banks. Go to to learn about all of them.