Charter Boats on the Outer Banks

Charter fishing on the Outer Banks is one of the most popular activities. Thousands of visitors and locals take advantage of the excellent fishing these waters offer, so not surprisingly there are many businesses that can connect you with the sort of charter you're interested in. Without a doubt, the offshore charter boats that go after the Gulf Stream big game of tuna, wahoo, mahi and more are king! You leave early in the morning, and if Neptune is with you, you come back in the afternoon with a bounty of tasty fish. These charters often book out months in advance, so plan ahead. Most of the time, a predetermined group of up to six anglers book a boat, but it is possible to be part of a make-up charter where you'll be paired with others who are booking individually. If offshore boats are king, then the headboats are definitely queen. These charters stay inshore in the sound or near-shore in the ocean, charge by the head (person) and can take 40 or so out for fish such as drum, flounder, blues, spot, striped bass and croaker. There's a mate on board if you need help baiting that hook. These trips are great choices for kids or those of you who might be susceptible to seasickness since they're half-days and within sight of land. You'll also find charter companies here that will take you fishing in the nearby rivers and lakes.