Corolla, NC, Restaurants: Ice Cream, Desserts & Sweets

People nursing a sweet tooth will have no trouble doing so at the Corolla, NC, restaurants that feature sweets, dessert and ice cream. Cool down on a summer day with a classic scoop of hand-dipped ice cream or a sundae made with soft serve. Trying to be a tad healthier? Frozen yogurt places make fantastic substitutes to fix cravings for ice cream in Corolla, NC. Select fine chocolates and artisan-made confections at candy stores. And don’t think of dessert as a treat exclusive to after dinner in Corolla. There a number of bakeries, donut shops and spots for acai bowls for a morning or midday treat. While the majority of places for treats and ice cream in Corolla, NC, are independently owned, there are a couple of chain names with signature milkshakes or donuts.