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Hankering to see Corolla’s Wild Horses? Who isn’t!? Climb on board one of Bob’s Wild Horse Tours and you’ll see these majestic equines (that’s a fancy word for horse) and more! Choose from the Open Air Safari Truck, The Beast, or Maximum Horse Power – all three afford awesome views of Corolla’s wild horses, and you get to feel the wind in your mane…er, hair…as an added benefit in two of them. Bob’s Wild Horse Tours has been connecting people with horses, from a respectful distance of course, for decades. We’re the leader in Corolla horse tours and will give you the best experience. Our guides know the area, are entertaining (we’ve been told they’re funnier than heck!) and have a great time with you. Book your Corolla Wild Horse tour now! Spaces fill up quickly, so go from a canter to a gallop and fill in the form below. The horses are looking forward to seeing you.

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