How Bob's Wild Horse Tours started

Bob’s Wild Horse Tours started as an accident back in 1996. My dad, Bob Sr., owned the Inn at Corolla Light, he was drinking margaritas on the pool deck with some guests as they inquired about the horses and how to see them. My dad, being the customer service guy, said he had a 4-wheel-drive vehicle and would take them on the beach to see the horses.

At some point someone said, “You should offer horse tours! This is great!” Then the crew decided on a name for the business. You may have guessed it — Bob’s Wild Horse Adventure Tours. Actually I think it was more like Wild Bob’s Wild Horse Adventure Tours. There may have been some margaritas consumed on the trip by the passengers.

Now, for the rest of the story. Bob suggested that I should start up horse tours; he was busy with the Inn. So I became the Bob. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Bob White Jr. I am actually a third, but Jr. is easier when people are looking for either of us.

Over the years the company has grown with the area. We went from one rusty old Suburban to five to to open air safari trucks. I have also been featured on North Carolina Weekend, a show that showcases things to do in the state.

In an effort to keep things fresh and offer a better horse tour, we’ve built three open-air trucks to take our guests out in. They offer a much better trip, in my view. After all, you came to see the beach and smell that salt air. Our new vehicles seats up to 15 people, with seats in the cab that offer air conditioning if you so desire.

I hope that you will give us a try. Bob’s Wild Horse Tours are designed for families and will provide you with memories to share for years to come.


Bob White