Things To Do in Corolla, NC

Looking for something to do beyond the beach? The recreation scene in Corolla, NC, tends to focus mostly on beautiful Mother Nature, as should any respectable Outer Banks thing to do. One of the most popular things to do in Corolla, NC, is to take a tour to see the wild horses in their natural habitats. Among the other things to do in Corolla, NC, is going on a kayak outing to discover a backwaters perspective of this area’s natural wonders. This quiet, unhurried Corolla, NC, thing to do settles the soul and is a great way to feel relaxed and active all at once. As with all recreational activities in the Outer Banks, fishing is huge here, so much so that you’ll see an entire section devoted to that addictive activity. However, you don't have to be an avid outdoorsman or woman to enjoy things to do in Corolla, NC. Taking a step into the past by exploring the historic village of Corolla, NC, things to do, such as marveling at the breathtaking views from the lighthouse – a more-than-satisfying way to experience the area.

Amp Up Things to Do in Corolla, NC 

But if you have your shoes all laced up and are ready for some real action, other things to do in Corolla, NC, include first-rate tennis courts and a fitness center, screaming go-carts, an 18-hole links course, a climbing wall, Segway tours, miniature golf courses and hikes in a nearby nature sanctuary or just along some of Corolla’s village lanes.

It can be debated whether the premier Outer Banks thing to do is surfing or nightlife activities (though some would argue it’s actually shopping), but either persuasion is sufficiently supported by Corolla, NC, things to do. Surf shops provide advice, lessons and gear. And, while the Corolla, NC, nightlife scene isn’t as multi-faceted as that found a bit farther south, you can definitely relax with the perfect martini and live tunes.