Seafood Restaurants in Corolla, NC

Finding fresh and local seafood is never a question on the Outer Banks, and seafood restaurants in Corolla, NC, are plentiful and diverse. The real question that diners must ask themselves, rather, is what kind of seafood they want? There are different classifications for what’s considered a seafood specialty on the Outer Banks. They range from eye-catching arrangements of gourmet tuna preparations to baskets of fried dolphin bites and crinkle-cut fries – an East Coast classic! A search for seafood in Corolla, NC, may lead you to homey holes-in-the-wall or a sophisticated dining room that overlooks the sound. Or you may wind up enjoying calamari or mussels al diablo at a Mediterranean restaurant one day and ceviche at a Mexican place the next. If you’re looking for fresh quality that you can turn into whatever meal you desire, check out what’s available at the seafood markets in Corolla, NC.